Questions Mental Health Patients Would Like You To Ask Them

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Being in a situation where you cannot control your mental state is not easy. Some think that these people are just mentally weak, but actually, not all the time. Needless to say, when a family member is experiencing mental challenges, you have to be with them, apart from encouraging them to visit specialists like Karen Corcoran Walsh

There are many things a mentally challenged person cannot say, simply because they think that being quiet is better than expressing themselves. But even how quiet they may seem, there are things that they wish that you will ask them. 

Sure, you are not an expert in handling situations like this, but as someone who cares a lot for a mentally ill patient, what you want is to try connecting with them. 

If only these people can talk and be honest with what they feel, here are some of the questions they would appreciate if you will ask them:

  • Can you help me understand how it is like living in the same condition as yours?

It would be comforting to know that there is someone who wants to understand your world. This question can assure them that you will be there whatever happens and you are serious about understanding their situation so you can help them accordingly. 

  • Do you want someone to talk to?

Not everyone who is suffering from mental issues will be open and transparent asking for help. Some will wait for someone to ask them so they can share their story. Extending yourself to a mentally ill patient is a good idea. Let them know that when they need someone to talk to, you are there. 

You can ask for follow up questions like “are you sure you do not need to talk to anyone?”, “I am not busy, you can talk to me if you want”, or other questions or statements that can send to them the sincerity of your availability and help. 

  • Is there anything you want to do with me?

Let them know that if there is anything they want to do, they can do it with you. These people are having a hard time opening up and doing different activities, hence making them feel that someone is willing to go with them, can boost their morale and confidence, and will make them motivated to live normally. 

Encourage them to live normally by letting them know that you are there, ready, and willing to support them once they are prepared to face the world again.

  • Is there anything you want me to do? 

Is there anything they want you to do? They may feel shy or hesitant to ask you to do something because you might seem busy. This question can give them the idea that you are willing to sacrifice your time just to be there for them and help them to whatever it is they are going through. This may seem a simple question but can have a huge impact on their being. 

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