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This website contains valuable information regarding mental health issues, from renowned mental health therapist Karen Corcoran Walsh.  Feel free to visit our Blog Archives for information and trends regarding mental health and treatment, or to learn more about Karen, click the About tab.

Who is it for?

Karen Corcoran Walsh created this blog for anyone who has an interest in learning more about mental health, whether you suffer from mental health issues, or you work in the industry, you will find a wealth of knowledge about mental health topics from experienced mental health therapist, Karen Corcoran Walsh. If you need to contact Karen, just click the Contact tab and she will get back to you shortly.

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Karen Corcoran Walsh

karen corcoran walsh

Karen Corcoan Walsh

Boca Raton, Florida Mental Health Therapist

Karen Corcoran Walsh is a renowned mental health therapist who specializes with adolescents.  She has over 22 years of experience treating mental health and is also an entrepreneur and businesswoman.

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Learn About Mental Health

Mental Health issues are faced everyday by adolescents throughout The United States.  Karen has spent her career helping young people to treat their mental health problems, and through this blog, she will deliver information so visitors can learn more about mental health and different therapies and treatments which are available.  If you would like to learn more about Karen Corcoran Walsh, you will find her bio information on the About Page, and the Blog tab has the article archive with information regarding mental health.

Treatment is Available

It is possible for people to overcome their mental health issues and live happier and more productive.  Karen has been working with teens and adolescents for over 22 years to help overcome mental health issues.  She has even spent time discussing these issues on national television.  Through the mental health blog, Karen will share knowledge regarding mental health including trends in the industry and treatments which are available to improve mental health.  If you need to contact Karen, please feel free to use the contact form, and Karen will get back to you shortly.


Learn More About Mental Health

Contact Karen Corcoran Walsh to learn more about mental health and treatment.  For over 22 years, Karen has worked with teens and families with their mental health issues.  Fill out the form on the contact page and Karen will get back to you shortly.


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